About The Women Warriors

The Women Warriors Foundation is dedicated to helping those families that have lost their loved ones who would normally be the main breadwinner in the family. We are dedicated to address the devastating rippling effect a family faces when their loved ones are killed or wounded in action.

We support all members of our armed forces as well as all men, women and children that have been casualties of military conflicts around the world. We focus on medical and psychological issues, transition solders back in to civilian life, jobs and job training, homeless, and financial and emotional support for those brave few who fought and sacrificed for our freedoms.

The Women Warriors Foundation is also dedicated to the human rights of women and children all over the world. We are there to ease the suffering for those with little or no hope. Our concerns and focus at home is for all of those who have been left behind or who have fallen between the cracks of our system, and our focus abroad is defending those who cannot defend for themselves. This includes, but is not limited to Honor killings, female mutilation, sex trafficking, education, health and medical issues and women's rights around the world.

To find out more how you can help, e-mail us at Info@WomenWarriorsFoundtion.org or contact us at 310 691-2899. We thank you for your support.